For those who do not want to renounce the privilege of a tailor-made dress, Sartoria Nina Mancini offers an exclusive service of tailor-made consulting.


Our philosophy is to do things WITH CARE and take the necessary time to listen and get to know the customer. Understand what are their needs and what he wants.

In our tailor’s shop are available fabrics for ceremonial and important occasions, we also offer seasonal trends and leisure fabrics. In fact, our mission has always been the research for perfection: from the wearability of the garment that provides the maximum comfort and pleasure while wearing it, to the possibility of customization, in order to obtain a unique sartorial garment and a product able to fulfil every customer’s desire.

The final result will be a unique and one-of-a-kind garment, with great attention to every detail and created for you tailor-made with its history and soul.

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