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A little of us

Our story
Nina Mancini, the atelier opening.

The opening of the tailor's shop Nina Mancini “N” dates back to 1989 in Crucoli Torretta, in the Crotone province, the stunning Calabria landscape.

To open the atelier is the model-maker, master tailor from Calabria, Nina Mancini, who after her studies in 1972 at the Lo Giudice school in Milano and many years of experience at Mila Schon decided to continue her job as a tailor in her land of origin, Calabria. The meticulous knowledge of tailoring technique, modelling and fabrics accumulated since childhood as an apprentice and refined tailor in Milan will lead Nina Mancini to be one of the best handmade tailors in Italy.


Our story

Our story
Emilio Mazzitello is the natural heir of his mother's passion for fashion. After studying at Marangoni in Milano and having worked for Designer Industry, he chooses to return to Crucoli Torretta, in Calabria and work alongside his mother Nina Mancini in the family atelier. His vision - anticipating the times - he is a modern vision of what will be the future of the designer's profession in the new millennium, going back to the roots, rediscovering handmade and artisan tailoring to redesign clothes and create fashion. In the family Atelier he creates hand-sewn clothes, as his mother knows how to do it and he has learned how to do it himself, valorizing that continuity of knowing how to create dresses and coats, preserving and enhancing concepts such as craftsmanship, tailoring, wearability, quality, which historically are the values of Mancini's tailoring, becoming with Emilio Mazzitello the key points also for his creations. Nina Mancini follows the historical logic of the maison and tailor-made. She proposes to her client’s garments made in an impeccable way, pants, shirts, tuxedoes with a strong/masculine flavor, suits, evening dresses, formal dresses, wedding dresses. A collection designed for the day, the evening, the ceremony, special events and everyday life, inspired by distant eras with the purpose to accommodate daily young professionals who want to have "handmade" and appreciate the attentive eye of the tailor, the passion she dedicates to it and the timeless modernity of the clothes she makes.


Nina Mancini ha fatto del suo lavoro una vocazione…perfezione,amore,passione,qualità,la sartoria vera made in italy…inoltre Emilio il figlio è la continuazione della tradizione con il profumo della modernità..

Peter Hobden

Eleganza, raffinatezza, tessuti pregiati e stile aggiunti a maestria, ingegno e arte, fanno dall’atelier di Nina Mancini una delle realtà di eccellenza del nostro territorio, apprezzata e riconosciuta in tutto il mondo.

Alda Montesanto

Qualità dei tessuti, studio approfondito della persona e la minimizzazione dei difetti rendono unici i capi realizzati!!! Davvero tanto tanto brava!!!!

Ilaria Trento


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